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For 75 years, Jackson continues to create tomorrow solutions by understanding the needs of their customers today. Jackson was founded on the ideals of designing, engineering and building that which had not been built before. Jackson's business centers on warewashing equipment for the foodservice industry. 

You can chose from a gas or electric Conveyor Dishwasher. The standard features provide all you need for superior cleaning ability at a competitive price. The AJ-86CS rack Conveyor Steam Coil Dishwasher uses on .77 gallons of water per rack and has a 25 inch clearance for large items. This model has an adjust-a-Peak conveyor speed control, built in pressure regulator and gauge.

The Jackson AJ-80CGP High Capacity Steam Coil Rack Conveyor Dishwasher, built for the busiest restaurants, washes 248 racks per hour and uses only .94 gallons of water per rack. A 36" prewash unit has ample space for your largest pots and pans.

TheCL-10 Pot and Pan Washer, built to accomodate a corner space can wash up to ten large pots, pans and utensils. The Cl-10 allow you to choose an operating cycle of light, medium or heavy. It uses 6.5 gallons of water per cycle and can operate 12 cycles per hour. The FL-10 Pot and Pan Washer loads from the front and can accomodate 10 large pieces of ware.

TempStar GPX was made with the budget conscious customer in mind. It is gas powered and features a built in pressure regulator and gauge, front dress panel and a 58 second fully automated cycle. It uses only 1 gallon per cycle and can wash 57 racks per hour.

Jackson's Electric Hi-Temp Conveyor Dishwasher cleans 270 racks per hour with 1.03 gallons of water per rack for a hi-temp sanitizing rinse. An energy guard control system operates only when the rack is being washed or rinsed.

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