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Dynamic Manufacturing Guide

Dynamic Manufacturing


In 1964, Dynamic began manufacturing the commercial hand held mixer. Other products designed for the serious chef, including the Salad Spinner followed and were quickly adapted by the food industry. 

The Dynamic Dynacube Vegetable Cutter cuts vegetables into sticks or cubes using a long arm handle. A chute guides vegetables into a container. The removable blades and knifes are easily accessible for cleaning. 

Dynamic has a wide assortment of hand held electric or cordless commercial mixers. Various styles for small to large jobs are available. 

The Dynajuicer accepts lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit. Although quite and sturdy, the juicer runs at 1500 R.P.M. producing 50 to 100 oranges per hour. 

The Dynamic electric salad spinner spins up to 6 to 8 heads of lettuce dry in 1 minute. Dry lettuce last longer and adheres to dressing, reducing waste and increasing profits. A must have for all restaurants. A manual version is also available. 

Dynamic is also the maker of Safety Cones. The bright orange cone warns staff and customers of wet floors, spills and unauthorized entrance. 

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