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Convection Oven Buying Guide

How Convection Ovens Work

Popular among Chefs worldwide, the convection oven circulateswork by circulating heated air with a high temperature fan located in the back of the oven. The movement of the air strips away the cool thin layer of air that surrounds and insulates the food. Removing the layer of cool air and continuous flow of heat allows foods to cook faster and more evenly at lower temperatures than a conventional gas or electric range. Cooking time is reduced to 21% and cooking temperature is reduced to 25-30%.

Convection ovens are available in 3 sizes and features double-wall, heavy gauge construction with a tough stainless steel body. Maintain valuable floor space and increased your productivity with a doubled stacked convection oven. Some models are on rollers, perfect for bringing the oven to the food. Others feature holding cabinets to keep food fresh and warm. The Vulcan Hart VC44ED-16 features a double deck electric convection oven with stainless steel front, sides, top and legs., 1/2 H.P. two speed oven blower-moter and five nickel plated oven racks with eleven rack positions per section.

Instawares carries various makes, models and price ranges to suit any need or budget. Browse through our site by the links on the left to view our wide and versital selection.

  • Foods cook faster with less heat
  • Foods evenly brown, not just on the top.
  • Foods cook evenly regardless of the rack it's placed on and multiple foods can cook at the same time, with the same results.
  • Foods don't pick up the flavors of other foods that cook alongside it.
  • Because of the chemical reactions that speed up cooking, pastries are flakier, skins are crisper, roasts are juicer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do foods taste the same when it's cooked in a convection oven?

The hot air thats circulated around the food create a seal that keeps juices in, preventing dryness. Foods also cook more evenly so cookies will cook won't be crisp on the outside and doughy in the middle.

Is there a difference in an oven that blows heated air and one that circulates it?

Yes. A true convection oven heats the air using a third heating element. Oven that only circulate the hot air that is already in the oven or pull cold air from the kitchen, which results in uneven baking and dead spots.
What are some of the standard features I'll find in a convection oven? 
Some of the standard features include: cool touch handles, ring timers, heat-treated glass doors, adjustable casters, pan loading can be from left to right or front or back positions, controls mounted on the side, reversing air systems, and look for ovens that are easy to clean.

Helpful Tips

  • The rule of thumb when cooking in a convection oven, is to reduce the temperature and cooking time by 25% of a conventional oven.
  • Preheat the oven at 50 degrees above what is recommended because an oven will lose 1 degree per second that the door is open.
  • Leave lids off and don't cook in a high sided pans so blown heat can circulate freely around foods for even cooking.

Did You Know?

  • Convection ovens can be powered by gas or electricity.
  • Rebates may be offered on electrical models with 70% or greater energy efficiencies.
  • Some models can add moisture/humidty during a cooking cycle.
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