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Carlisle FoodService Manufacturing Guide



Continental Plastics, known today as Carlisle Food Service Products invented the world’s first plastic container in 1955, the Bains Marie. This invention changed food storage handling in the industry. Shortly thereafter, they began manufacturing the first commercial grade plastic beverage pitcher or beer pitcher, as it’s sometimes referred to. Their unique design soon became the industry standard. Today’s precursor, VersaPour is a direct descendant of the beer pitcher and Carlisle Food Service Products has become known for their long list of beverage transport and commercial service products.

Carlisle Food Service Products designs professional grade products that take the work out of the task at hand. Take for instance, the Carlisle stainless steel ladle. The handle is bent for easier gripping. The ergonomically bend in the handle prevents wrist strain while dipping and makes pouring easier with fewer spills. Over 40 Carlisle food usage utensils are design to make work easier.

Durable tumblers elminiate breakage. Carlisle's Ruby Tumblers come in a variety of sizes and colors, perfect for everyday use. With over 600 products to choose, from traysplatesbowls, to cleaning brushes and brooms, Carlisle has products to help your work easier in front of or behind the counter.

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