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APEX Fountains Manufacturing Guide



For over 60 years, Apex has led the industry in the manufacturing of high quality serving and banquet displays for fine restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, and caterers who appreciate the craftsmanship, unique designs and engineering of their products.

Instawares.com carries over 66 beverage fountains so you’re sure to find one that’s right for the occasion. All beverage fountains are custom made. Each piece is hand spun and polished for a mirror like reflection. Apex manufactures six distinct collections. All fountains are illuminated and have the ability to adjust beverage flow during operation. A built in on and off switch makes it easy to operate. Quick and easy assembly and clean-up, without the need for tools are Apex’s Fountain standards.

The Champagne Fountain is made with silver or gold anodized aluminum with a five gallon capacity and is topped with a cup for a floral arrangement. The fountain has lights in the center column and at the base.

The Prince Beverage Fountain is a classic, with a three tier waterfall, decorative silver rope trim and lights in the base and center. The fountain is made with durable gold or silver anodized aluminum.

The Festively Illuminated Stainless Steel Fountain is part of the Tropallo Collection. An elegant silver bow tie trim adorns both tiers. A cup for flowers sits on top of a statue with an illuminated center column.

The five gallon fountain, decorated with a silver rope trim is appropriately named the Celebrity. The fountain lights in both the center and the base and has a three tier waterfall.

The Hostess Beverage Fountain is a good value for the money. Made with the same anodized aluminum material you’ll find in other Apex fountains, it’s complete with a floral cup, second tier waterfall with a lighted base and column.

The Golden Anniversary Silver Bow Tie Trim Fountain is a combination of all of Apex’s fountain features: a three tier waterfall that spills inward to the first tier; statue combo; and a lighted center with a five gallon capacity.

The three, five or seven gallon Golden Majestic Punch Bowl is made with heavy gauge stainless steel. The bowl can withstand hot or cold beverages or double as an ice bucket or salad bowl.

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