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Did You Know…

>> Between 2 to 4% of income is lost due to theft or mistakes at the cash register.

>> According to the USDA, hand washing is the number one defense against foodborne illnesses.

>>Restaurant sales should top at $537 billion in 2007, compared to $42.8 in 1970.

>>There are approximately 935,000 restaurants in the country - plus one, yours.

>>Coupons have a low success rate in generating repeat customers.

>>7 out of 10 restaurants are single-unit independent operations.

>>59% of restaurants offer televisions for customer viewing.

>>37% of Americans have used take out at tableservice restaurants.

>>The restaurant industry is the second largest employer. The U.S. Government is the first.

Helpful Tips

>> Add low calorie and vegetarian meals to the menu.

>>Start advertising before you open the doors. Contact your local newpaper food editor and request a write-up.

>> Subscribe to restaurant business magazines to learn how other restaurant owners cope.

>>Save money by designing and printing your own menus using specialty software like MenuPro.

>> A first year restaurant has a better chance of survival when concentrating on good food at a reasonable price. Save the fancy decor for later.

>>Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service...enough said.

>>Carefully choose a name for your restaurant. It should reflect the foods you serve and could mean the difference between success and failure.

>>Buy a couch for your office. Odds are you'll have nights that you may not have the strength to make it home. It will also be a good place when you need to get away when things get rough.

Restaurant Sales In Billions

Food Preparation

Equipment Guide to Starting a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is a huge challenge and a rewarding adventure, however, it requires more than just a good recipe. There are hundreds of restaurant consultants, books, how-to guides and relatives to tell you how to go about it. You'll need to learn how to create a business plan, funding, food santitation, customer services, taxes, loss prevention, marketing, nutrition, customer service...you get the picture. To ease the burden, Instawares has provided a list of some of the most commonly used restaurant supplies needed for a start up operation. Although equipment will differ depending on your menu, you can use the following as a checklist to fill the bill for a 0 - 100 seat operation.

Ovens: Seating:
All Ovens
Single Side Booth
Convection Ovens
(See Convection Oven Buying Guide)
Gas Ovens
Griddle Top Range w/Oven
Microwave Ovens  
Walk-Ins - (Read Walk-In Coolers & Freezer Buying Guide): Plastic Cutlery:
All Walk-Ins
Plastic Silverware
All Plastic Silverware
Indoor Walk-In Coolers Plastic Forks
Indoor Walk-In Freezers Plastic Knives
Outdoor Walk-In Coolers Plastic Spoons
Outdoor Walk-In Freezers  
Walk-In Coolers  
Walk-In Refrigerators  
Food Preparation: Office Supplies:
Measuring Cups
Aprons All Office Supplies
Blenders Clipboards
Can Openers Desks
Chef Knives Dispenser Tape
Cooking Utensils Files & Filing Supplies
Food Warmers Message Pad
Gloves Money Bags
Mounting Tape
Measuring Cups Office Tape
Storage Containers Receiving Record Book
Toaster Safes


Time Clocks & Time Cards
Work Tables W2 Tax Forms
20 Quart Mixers 1096 Tax Forms
Condiment Bottles 1099 Misc Forms
Condiment Pump

Pots & Pans Tableware:
Stock Pots
Pots All Dinnerware
All Pots Bread & Butter Plates
Sauce Pots Cloth Napkins
Stock Pots Cloth Tablecloths
Pans Plates
All Pans Saucers
Bread Pans Cups
Cake Pans Paper Napkins
Saute Pans Napkin Dispensers
Fry Pans   Salt-Pepper Shakers
Glassware: Beverage Essentials:
All Glasses Coffee Brewer & WarmersBunn Coffee Decanter  
Plastic Glassware  
Beverages Coffee Makers Coffee Filters
Disposable Glasses Beverage Dispensing System
Plastic Cups Pitchers
Tumblers Tea Dispenser
Glassware by Brand Straws
Glassware by Style Juice Dispenser
  Syrup Dispenser
Ice Machines: (Read Ice Machine Buying Guide): Freezers:
All Ice Machines
All Freezers
Ice Machine - Cube Reach In
Ice Machine - Flaker Solid Door Freezers
Ice Machine - Nugget Under Counter Freezers
Ice Scoops Chest
Storage Bins Triple Door
Solid Door Pass Thru
Snow Cone Machines 3 Section Reach-In Glass Door
  Cleaning Supplies and Equipment:
All Refrigerators
Cleaning Suppliers & Equipment
Automatic Hand Dryer
Compact Brooms, Mops & Wringers
Undercounter Cleaning Supplies
Reach-in Dust Mops
Worktop Dusting Supplies
Solid Double Door Paper Towels
Solid Half Door Paper Towel Dispenser
Solid Single Door Soap & Soap Dispensers
Solid Door 3 Sections Sponges
2 Drawer Chef Base Trash Cans & Liners
Glass Door Toilet Paper
Pass Thru Refrigerators    
Sinks: DishMachine (Read Dish Machine Buying Guide):
All Sinks
Energy Mizer Corner Unit
All Dish Machines
1 Compartment Under Counter
2 Compartment High Temp
2 Compartment w/Drainboard Energy Mizer
3 Compartment Conveyer Dish Machines
3 Compartment w/Drainboard Pass Through Pots & Pans

Merchandisers: Miscellaneous:
All Merchandisers
Hand Trucks
Hand Trucks
Glass Door Label Dispenser & Labels
Freezer Merchandisers Signs
Hot Food Wet & Dry Vacuum
Ice Cream Case First Aid Supplies
Nacho Warmer  
Pizza Display  
Pretzel Display


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