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Storage Cases
Plexi Shield
Chocolate Fountain Print Table
Chocolate Fountain Ball Topper
Chocolate Fountain Spout Topper
Small Sneezegard
Med/Lg Sneezeguard
Vertical Sneeze Guard - 35 3/4"
Vertical Sneeze Guard - 63 1/4"
Protector Case with Lights
Bamboo Skewers
Chocolate Thermometer

Did You Know…

>> It takes about 400 cocao beans to make a pound of chocolate.

>> Chocolate is rich in magnesium and iron.

>> 71% of Americans prefer milk chocolate.

>> One ounce of semi-sweet chocolate contains about 20 millligrams of caffeine. The same amount as 3 ounces of brewed tea.

>> American consumers spend $7 billion a year on chocolate..

>> The Maya Indians discovered cocoa in 600 A.D.

Chocolate Fountains Buying Guide

How Does a Chocolate Fountain Work?

The basics - A chocolate fountain has three parts, a base unit that contains the heating unit and motor, a pump, auger or spiral drive, and a tier system. The fountain should be displayed on a level surface to ensure proper operation. The heating unit in the base will maintain the temperature to keep the chocolate in a liquid form, between 175 – 180 degrees. The pump, stainless steel auger or spiral drive carries the chocolate to the top of the fountain where it erupts over the fountain tiers, giving an illusion of a chocolate waterfall.

Basic Parts of a Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are profitable and popular. They can be used for almost any occassion for both the young and old. Use as a centerpiece at a birthday party, wedding, Bar Mitzvahs, showers, corporate events, family reunions or any gathering.

Below are some FAQs that will assist you in making an informed purchase.

What features should I look for when purchasing a chocolate fountain?
What type is better, pump style or auger (cork screw)?
How long can you run a fountain?

What features should I look for when purchasing a chocolate fountain?

  • Make sure the description includes "quiet operation" or "whisper quite", which is a sure sign of a quality fountain.
  • All parts should be dishwasher safe. Otherwise, the fountain may be made with inexpensive parts and materials.
  • The fountain should have adjustable feet or a leveling mechanism.
  • A removable basin or bowl for easy clean-up.
  • At least a one year warrenty.
  • Stainless steel - nice looking and long lasting.

What type is better, the pump style or auger, (cork screw)?

Definately the auger type pump. A plain pump style with a small plastic tube usually clogs. The majority of fountains are built using the auger for that reason.

How long can you run a fountain?

Depending on the make and manufacturer, you can ususally run a commercial fountain for up to 24 hours. Smaller non commercial fountains for the home are designed to run up to 3 hours.

Chocolate Fountains

Helpful Tips

>> Use only dry, non cumbly foods. Wet foods, even a droplet of water will result in hard lump. Crumbly foods will comtaminate the chocolate.

>> Test the fountain before you add the chocolate.

>> Immediately remove the chocolate after you turn off your machine. The chocolate will harden. If the fountain is turned on after the chocolate is harden, the moter could burn out.

>> Keep chocolate between 55 - 70 degrees and less than a 50% humdity. Don't refrigerate chocolate before or after use and never freeze it. Why? dampness and condensation results in "sugar bloom". Grains of sugar will appear on the surface.



Cacao Tree - The fruit of the Cacao tree are grown from the trunk. The pulp inside the small melons contain about 20 to 50 beans.

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